Size Guide

Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and prices, here at Hermetica we do our best to create balance between those variants to meet our valued client expectations.

  • We use foliage as a feature, not to fill out our arrangements, which can limit their size potential. If you would like to add foliage to increase the size of your arrangement - please note this in special requests.
  • Small: expect around a dozen blooms, less if orchids are involved.
  • Medium, around 20 beautiful flowers, less if an orchid is involved
  • Large - around 20-25 flowers, including orchids where possible
  • Opulent - 20-30 flowers - all premium blooms
  • Extravagant - layer upon layer of the most premium blooms

Please note: with our larger arrangements we are limited by stem length of seasonal flowers. We highly recommend including a vase in your order to create maximum dimensional impact particularly with opulent and extravagant orders.